5 paragraph essay structure for kids

5 Paragraph Essay Structure For Kids

5 paragraph essay structure for kids

Long Paragraph About Sister The five paragraph essay, writing assignment series the five paragraph essay the five paragraph essay measures a student's basic writing skills, and is . Please refer to my five paragraph essay organizer below. The three body paragraphs are absolutely crucial to the success of the five paragraph essay. Some teachers have trouble teaching the structure of five paragraph essays because they start with the introduction paragraph. Learn about intros, conclusions, and what should go in each paragraph of a short essay. A classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay. It is not the only format for writing an essay, of course, but it is a useful model for you to keep in mind, especially as you begin to develop your composition skills. The basic five-paragraph essay structure, which you have probably used many times by this point, works extremely well for an opinion essay. It’s a starting point, and when you get to university your profs will expect a more complex approach to essay writing.

Take the students to your writing area, and tell them you brought your own bag to share with them. When you get to the line: The students will write their supporting details in the same order as the list. Open your bag with a flourish.

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The bag is the introduction. The objects inside are the details, or body of the essay. Take out the first object. Write a simple sentence that tells what the object is, uses a transition word such as "first" , and make that sentence in YELLOW.

This is the topic sentence for the first paragraph. Using RED, write two supporting sentences that go with the object.


After you have written the second paragraph, put the object back in the bag. Tell the students you put it back in the bag because you are finished writing about it. Ask them what you should write about next - yes, the second object you listed after the colon back in the introduction. Take that one out of the bag. Follow the same procedure for writing the third and fourth paragraphs. When you are ready for the closing paragraph, close up the bag dramatically and tell the students that since the bag is closed, you cannot write anything more about what is inside the bag.

This is a key concept for students to understand about how details are not found in the opening and closing paragraphs in an essay.

5 paragraph essay structure for kids

The closing paragraph is about wrapping it all up effectively, like a present. I like to call this a "circle sentence. Point out your beginning sentence, and show the students how to write a similar sentence in the last paragraph. By repeating a sentence that was already used, this gives students a way to anchor the idea of how to close a piece of writing.

You should also find some time to do a mini-lesson on Transition Words. Transition words are like bridges in a five paragraph essay, and the students will need guidance to anchor this process.

Guided Writing This is a Guided Writing experience, and students will need their bags. You will write a five paragraph essay with the students, leaving blanks for them to fill in. I like to give the kids Green, Yellow and Red strips of paper to write on. This will provide a kinesthetic writing experience for them. Older students can do it with an outline such as this one, or use markers to underline as they write.

Here's how it can look: Do you want to know some secret things about me? In my bag, I have three things: Each one of these tells something special about me. For older students, you can allow them more choice with words and sentence structure.

Younger kids need more teacher guidance, and just learning about using a colon as an organizational tool is enough. Next, instruct the students to take out their first listed object and place it on their desk. They will write one Yellow sentence about the object, such as: Then, the students will write two Red sentences, which tell more about the Yellow sentence.

Again, guide the writing of the sentences, but this time, instead of copying from you, they will need to add two of their own sentences.

Tips for Teaching and Grading Five Paragraph Essays

Guide them with questions such as, "Where did you get this? Have the students read what they wrote, taking out their first object as they read about it, and get ready for the next paragraph. You will follow the same procedure for their bags as you did for Day Two. For each object, take it out of the bag, write a Yellow sentence, write two Red detail sentences, and then put it down.

5 paragraph essay structure for kids

You can end Day Three here if you are short on time, or move on to Day Four, the closing paragraph. This will be in Green.

After the students review what they have written so far and taken the objects out of their bags, instruct them to put them back into their bags and close them up. Remind the students that by closing the bags they are showing that there will be no more sentences about the objects - we will not be mixing up details with the opening and closing paragraphs.

Go back to the first sentence, "Do you want to know some secret things about me?

5 paragraph essay structure for kids

Give them some choices of sentences to write, or let them do their own if they are able. And there it is - Stoplight Writing. It is definitely a long process, but it is excellent explicit teaching. Try using some of these topics , prompts or writing activities after your kids have mastered the five paragraph essay!

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