Allah s blessings essay scholarships

Allah S Blessings Essay Scholarships

Allah s blessings essay scholarships

Allah s blessings essay writer. 4 stars based on 98 reviews Essay. Expository writing 5 paragraph essay tr beginning words for essays realism and naturalism in death of a salesman essay smackey dog foods inc essay. Curriculum and instruction masters descriptive essay. Essays on Blessings Of Allah. Blessings Of Allah Search. Search Results. Islamic Quiz If you recite this name of Allah frequently, all your maladies, sorrow and grief will be removed. Barakah (Allah's blessing) will be imparted to your wealth Words; 5 Pages; Allah Is The Light. Today, try to count Allah’s blessings in your life. Start with your breath, your beating heart, your ability to see, smell and touch, and the ability to laugh Continue to your favorite foods, the roof over your head, and the people who love you. Appreciating Allah's Blessings Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "There were three Israelites, a vitiligo stricken man, a bald man, and a blind man. The blessings of Allah on us can not be counted. Allah Almighty has blessed mankind with uncountable blessings. Usually we do not consider them as blessings but when we loose something than we are able to know its value.

Allah Almighty has rightly said in the Holy Quran: Man is indeed an extreme wrong-doer, a disbeliever. This reality has been mentioned in the Holy Quran in the following way: And remember when your Lord proclaimed: My Punishment is indeed severe. Allah has made it clear that we will never be able to count all of His blessings upon us, since they are innumerable.

Consider the human body. It is made up of one hundred trillions of cells. Each cell is a blessing from Allah. But this does not mean that there are only one hundred trillion blessings in the human body. Moreover, each cell is exposed to an incalculable number of potential threats, from viruses to cancer to a variety of malfunctions, and Allah through His mercy protects the cells from all of these.

Therefore, we can never begin to enumerate the blessings that Allah, at every moment, bestows upon us within our bodies. Even if we entertain the idea that the blessings, Allah bestows upon any one of us is some in finite number, that number would not take into account all of the misfortunes that Allah withholds from us, though He certainly tries some of His servants with those misfortunes.

Then there are all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon our predecessors, our contemporaries, and our descendants and on the incalculable aspects of creation upon which our lives depend. Then, when misfortune reaches you, you cry out to Him for help.

Appreciating Allah's Blessings

Do we use them in obedience and favours to His commands? Do we realize that Allah has a right over us in everything that He gives us? If we are blessed with wealth, the poor have a right in it. If we are blessed with health and strength, the weak and the infirm have a right in it. If we are blessed with knowledge, then those who are in want of knowledge have a right in it.

For every ability that we are blessed with, those who are unable have some right in it.

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We must praise Allah for empowering us to do that which others are incapable of doing. Part of the thanks we owe Allah is to give something of whatever we are blessed with to those who cannot do for themselves.

We should remember that every blessing we enjoy will inevitably come to an end. Either we will lose the blessing s some day in our lives, or we will depart this life and leave that blessing s behind.

The Blessings of Allah Almighty

Another part of our gratitude to Allah is to serve Him with what He gives us and to use what we have in ways that are lawful and pleasing to Him. We should not be like Pharaoh. Some wise people advised him: Surely Allah does not love the exultant. So Allah tells us: And the guilty need not be asked about their sins. How many of our faculties, our limbs, and our talents do we take for granted?

Allah s blessings essay scholarships

These are but some of the blessings in our own bodies. How many blessings surround us, in our families, our friends, our work, the status we enjoy, the connections we have, even our hopes and our dreams.

Essay Scholarships

Even the world on which we live is a blessing, how it possesses everything needed for life to thrive. How many other words do we see and are still discovering in the heavens, some approximating our Earth in size, some smaller, some many times larger, but we find them to be sterile, hostile, unaccommodating worlds.

Also whenever we do something for someone, it is not we did; it is the chance that Allah gave us to do for someone.

Allah s blessings essay scholarships

In other words there is a system that circulates the help to others from Allah through us and we also get Sawab Blessing on this act. It is Allah who knows and defines the grants among all. If we have something that someone else does not have it is not our gained or fault of someone it is Allah who has blessed us and the hierarchy defines that we should help those in needs without counting it and should not point on misshaped ones.

Praise be to Allah, Who possesses all things and Who gives without measure.