Ielts sample essay band 93

Ielts Sample Essay Band 93

Ielts sample essay band 93

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Describe a change that will improve your local area You should say: What is the change is How the change works What kinds of problems the change will solve How you feel about the change You will have a pencil and a paper and 1 minute to prepare for the given topic so you should make use of limited time to note down key ideas you will give a talk about during minutes.

In all, Speaking Part 2 will takes minutes.

Ielts sample essay band 93

How to be well-prepared for IELTS Speaking Part 2 The most effective way is to practice daily at home with your partner who can listen while you speak about a particular topic and give an advice on whether your speaking is good enough or not and comment upon your pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, etc. Your study partner then should ask you several questions about your chosen topic using the rounding off questions. Record yourself and self-mark in regards to the Speaking Criteria.

Maximize your score by practicing daily on the latest topics in Speaking Part 2 Top Tips for IELTS Speaking Part 2 — Make use of your preparation time 1 minute wisely to jot down key words and main ideas for your topic.

Keep in mind that you should never write down a full sentence in this preparation time because it is a waste of time and make you slow down your flow of thinking. Introduction, main body and conclusion. A formal-sounding introduction is unnecessary.

100 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics in 2016 & 2017 & Sample Answers

Instead, you can jump straight into your answer: I would love to talk about… I prefer talking about…because… Main body: Your talk should have a variety of tenses and vocabulary. Talk about the past: You can make the most of the following structures for the past tense: Describe past habits 2.

Give a detailed description: Bear in mind that IELTS examiner will evaluate all the skills pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and coherence.

Ielts sample essay band 93

However, this part 2 will especially test your fluency and coherence skills. Talk about the future: For the future tenses, you can make use of the following: Signpost your talk at the end with words or expressions like: Describe an object a gift, something you use etc.

40 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Tips, Questions and Band 9 Sample Answers

Describe a person someone you admire, a family member etc. Describe an event a festival, celebration etc. Describe an activity e. Say as much as you can for each point, and use a real example or story at the end of your description if you need to fill time.

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Keep going until the examiner stops you. You can download a collection of 40 IELTS speaking part 2 tips, questions and band 9 model answers below. This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more.

Ielts sample essay band 93