Attitude determines altitude essay checker

Attitude Determines Altitude Essay Checker

Attitude determines altitude essay checker

This is in fact the basic principle behind attitude indicators in airplanes that measure the position of aircraft with respect to the horizon. While the plane is climbing up, it has a nose up attitude and while it is descending, it has a nose down attitude. Pilots keep a close watch at this attitude indicator because they know it helps to determine the altitude of the plane. BEST QUOTES ON POSITIVE ATTITUDE A positive attitude is like a magnet for positive results. Our life is a reflection of our attitudes. Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts. Attitude, not aptitude, determines your altitude. No man fails if he does his best. not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Attitude determines your altitude, and what I mean by that is whether you go through life flying high, or just crawling along . “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar. Success is something that every individual strives to achieve. Every single person in the world has their own goals and dreams. Young or old, male or female, black or white, rich or poor, all have the same drive and desire to live life in the best way they see possible. Blog > Attitude Determines Altitude. You have to put the time and effort in to get it. Attitude goes hand in hand with the concept of grit. Grit is the ability to work hard and get the job done even in the face of what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. "Think and Grow Rich," check out this video by FightMediocrity on YouTube.

Every single person in the world has their own goals and dreams. Young or old, male or female, black or white, rich or poor, all have the same drive and desire to live life in the best way they see possible. Trying to succeed is an integral human behavior that pays no heed to superficial and emotional factors. We are built to want something more, to improve ourselves, and to be a better person than who we were yesterday. How does one succeed in life?

The Roles of Attitude and Aptitude in Success

This is a common question that one asks countless times. The answer depends on how you view yourself. You know yourself more than anybody else. This means that you can have the most precise answer from within you; and no one else can come as close to the correct answer than you can.

Attitude determines altitude essay checker

However, there is always something you can do to ensure that you do find the answer. Attitudes can be likened to a simple engine that can either slow you down, or help you move forward. As simple as it is, it is the only sure method you have for being successful in life and in the end, it all comes down to how well you manage it.

Always bear in mind that in the path to success, your attitude determines what and how much you can do. It is the one responsible for guiding your aptitudes, but when infected by pride; it can become as useless as an abandoned car left to rust and waste through time. Whether you make it or not depends mainly on which attitudes you possess. For instance, Determination; which you learned as a toddler when you got up after each stumble.

Fortitude, which you discovered as you learned to wipe your tears and continue after each hurt. Courage; which you acquired as you learned to cope with the hazards of your environment, and Sociability; which you begin to acquire as soon as you talk and communicate with others. Such attitudes ensure that as you strive to make your dreams come true and as you push to make your goals ever nearer, you do so without losing your sense of worth.

The seed of success lies within and what we call maturing is the ever growing ability to look inside and find our answers within our self. Self knowledge is the fuel that feeds positive attitudes. Aptitudes come hand in hand with your attitudes.

Attitude and not your aptitude decides your altitude Essay Sample

Everyone is born with a basketful of aptitudes we usually call talents. Aptitudes are our potential to learn skills which we develop and hone through time. We call it growing up. When you learn and begin to utilize your talents to take control of your environment, you begin weaving a particular set of aptitudes.

Attitude determines altitude essay checker

What works, you continue using. What does not, you strive to change. However, aptitudes alone cannot take you all the way through the path to success. It is fully dependent on the very nature of the attitudes you have.

Attitude determines altitude essay checker

This is mainly why your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude. It is so very easy to weave a net of attitudes that lead to failure. This is so because for every positive, there is a negative. Fortitude carried to excess leads to a conviction that one exists only in suffering.

Courage can lead to foolhardiness, and self knowledge can be infected by hubris, and to rigidity that kills creativity.

Essay on attitude

Also, while the pursuit of wealth is a given in our world- a necessity and an adjunct to survival, it is not the ultimate aim. Life should be more than that. In the tendency to forget everything else for the sake of gathering wealth, failure comes easily. Achieving success is never an easy feat; rather, it demands hard work.

Your attitude determines your altitude

You have an advantage if you know that your success or failure depends on your attitudes. Only you can make your own way to success. Have you reflected on your attitudes and aptitudes today? Dominique Brown writes at Motivatingwords. Erin shows overscheduled, overwhelmed women how to do less so that they can achieve more.

Traditional productivity books—written by men—barely touch the tangle of cultural pressures that women feel when facing down a to-do list.