Team sports build character essay on to kill

Team Sports Build Character Essay On To Kill

Team sports build character essay on to kill

Adults who played sports as children have better social and leadership skills. Sports provide children with experiences and interactions necessary to grow into an adult with good character and sufficient social skills. Team sports in grade school can offer children and teenager an outlet for stress and negative emotional build-up. He needs to be a team player to play a game like basketball well. In time, the person will learn how to be a team player in life as well, be it at school or at work. Hence, in conclusion, sports do build character. Essay Becoming A Coach For A Sports Team. my own team and learn from then. Also I would like to travel and visit new places. I also want to start a family and have kids of my own and learn from them. These are some of the things that I want to accomplish before I die. Ever since 8th grade year I have always wanted to become a coach for a sports team. Below is a free excerpt of "Team Sports Helps Builds Good Character Essay" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Participating in team sports can help develop a good character. P.E. Sports help Younger Kids Build Character Going to school is not only about learning and making good grades. It is also about making relationships and learning how to handle situations. In most schools, sports are a way to learn these things by participating and making the best of it.

Why are so many professional athletes, who have spent their entire lives in organized sports, masters at cheating, serial adultery, drunkenness, compulsive gambling, drug abuse, and thuggish fighting — to name just a few of the vices? The truth is that sports no more builds character than attending Clemson University football games qualifies you to replace Tommy Bowden as head coach.

By character, I mean moral excellence: University of Colorado sociologist Dr.

Team sports build character essay on to kill

Jay Coakley, in his book Sports in Society, explains that we mistakenly believe that sports builds character for two reasons. First, we wrongly assume that all athletes have the same experiences in all organized sports. Secondly, we wrongly assume organized sports provide unique learning experiences that are not available from any other activities. Unfortunately, whatever character-building potential may exist in the world of athletics is often overwhelmed by a profit motive devoid of moral constraints.

Team sports build character essay on to kill

Increasing ticket sales, advertising revenue and winning, by any means necessary, are more important in professional sports than the character of those athletes we cultivate to get there. It is an inhumane system.

Sports build character Essay Sample

Michael Vick is only the latest and most sensational example. Vick has possibly ruined his career after pleading guilty to federal dog fighting conspiracy charges. Did sports build the character of Travis Henry?

Team sports build character essay on to kill

Henry, 28, reportedly has sired nine children with nine different women in at least four states. College athletes fare no better. The Benedict-Crosset Study of sexual assaults at 30 major Division I universities reports that one in three college sexual assaults are committed by athletes.

The three-year study demonstrates that while male student-athletes comprise 3.

Athletes are merely putting on display the character of the adults who nurtured them. School-age athletes are immersed in a world of adults who are masters at cheating, gambling, violence, serial adultery, lying, drunkenness, drug abuse, and misogyny. Sports do not build character in young people but virtuous adults do. In one sense youth sport is simply a medium for adult mentoring within the context of challenging situations.

Character is bestowed — or not — from one generation to another. In athletics as elsewhere, we reap the moral character we sow.