Students being late to class essays

Students Being Late To Class Essays

Students being late to class essays

Probably, while working on your essay on being late, you will learn some basic principles of time management. Anyway, now you need some tips for writing essays on being late. This is a plan we suggest you follow or you can visit our helpful homepage and get a superior help with any essays . Below is an essay on "Student Coming Late to L5 Class" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Student coming late to L5 class One of the reasons that makes students come late to L5 class is they don’t recognize how their tardiness affects other students/5(1). Being late to class causes many problems. When I am late, my teacher has to stop teaching to deal with my behavior. Others students have to stop learning. I also miss the chance to learn new information. I may fall behind in my work. If I get too far behind, my grades may suffer. When I am on time, the class can run smoothly and on schedule. Follow/Fav Why You Shouldn't Be Late For Class. By: Luna Belle Holland. Being late to class also results in habits. If I am late to class once, I might be again. So it's better not to be late at all, or at least very seldom. We do not want me to end up being late all the time. That would result in me missing even more stuff about class. There are many possibilities for students being late to classes. The most feasible reasons for students to be late to class are: students not taking responsibility for themselves and student does not thinking that it is important to be in class on time because there are no consequences.

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We as teachers have three options when dealing with students that come late to class. One option is to let them continue their habit without any repercussions. If asked if there are any implications of how we speak towards the students I would have to say absolutely.

The teacher is telling the student that they accept the behavior that is being presented.

Students being late to class essays

The second option is to verbally telling them they are late and that they need to be punctual. If a student is habitually late then tell them to be punctual and that they will not be allowed to make up missed work. If they continue the habit then they will be sent to the office. Also, ask the student why they are late to your class and if there is anything you can do to help them not be late to your class.

The voice of the teacher can make or break the classroom mood. So if a teacher has a harsh tone with the student then the student will be defensive and if the teacher is calm the student will more likely be more understanding.

The third option is to not allow the student back into the class room and to send them straight to the office. This is the harshest way to handle the situation but many times will be the only way a student understands.

The goal will be for students to start taking responsibility for their actions. The tone of voice that a teacher uses when instructing a student go to the office because of this infraction could lead to more class room disturbances. There are many possibilities for students being late to classes. The most feasible reasons for students to be late to class are: Students that do not take ownership over their responsibilities will be late to school in the morning for first period.

The student gives excuses like I over slept or my alarm clock did not go off. The excuses that these students give are many but there is usually a reason for the excuses. The second reason is lack of class room management. If you instill in a student high expectations and strong class room management techniques then they will not want to be late to your class unless there is a personal issue.

Students being late to class essays

If you feel motivated, to find a reason for the behavior, the student will greatly benefit from your caring heart. All students have a reason for their behavior.

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It is educators who can help them solve the problem and get back on track. Take the student aside and start asking them questions and let them know you are there for them. Make sure you make them feel safe and comfortable. This could be embarrassing every party involved. I do not feel that medical issues or female issues should be used as excuses or as an excessive way to be late to class but we should be sensitive to these issues.

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I would ask a professional if there is a way to identify students that are using medical situations or female issues as excuses. Many students are getting ready for school. Everyday they do their home works and other paper works for school. Some students are late in going to school due to many reasons that are not understandable.

Students being late to class essays

When students come late in class, they disturb the flow of a lecture and discussion, disturb other students, and impede learning. The researchers conducted this research study because this is commonly present when school is back.

This study objective is to help the persons that will be mentioned in the Significance of the Study, and to know the reasons of the students to be late in school. Statement of the Problem Generally this research study aims to identify the reasons why the students are late in going to school.

Specifically, it tries to answer the following questions: Co-curricular aspect Hypothesis 1. Significance of the Study If this study will be implemented, many good results will come out and can help in the school. The main purpose of this research study is to seek answers on the reasons affecting why the.