Cost of college textbooks essay format

Cost Of College Textbooks Essay Format

Cost of college textbooks essay format

The high cost of college textbooks is not only an issue here at Delgado Community College, but with almost every college student across the nation. Rather new or used textbooks are overpriced, but students can save money by buying digital textbooks. The high cost of college textbooks is an issue with colleges across the nation, but the solution to our problem is not buying on-line, buying from friends, or by walking through the halls of Delgado Community College hoping to find a piece of paper posted on one of the walls of. The Book Industry Study Group just reported that 52 percent of college students surveyed agreed that “I would rather pay $ for a learning solution that improves my result by one letter grade and reduces my study time by 25 percent than $50 for my current textbook.” As a professor, I am troubled by declines in the effort many in my classes are willing to put into doing the reading I assign. The Rising Cost Of College Essay - The rising cost of college has been increasing year to year, but over the past decades it has risen perilously. This cost has been rising since the baby boom. It has been increasing every year and the college number of attendants has been rising as well (Campos). Bureaucracy, budget woes, and inflexible teaching methods The goal cost of college textbooks essay of writing an analysis is to read an argumentative essay that you can cost of college textbooks essay understand easily and then to analyze its parts public health graduate school essay step by step, using one or more. Sample Exam Questions.

Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Get Access High Price of Textbooks Essay Sample The increasing cost of textbooks especially in institutions of higher learning has been challenging cost conscious students all over the world.

According to observations made, the textbook market has undergone a structural flaw which is not demand driven but supply driven.

Cost of college textbooks essay format

The situation not only affects new editions but also includes used books and editions. Most of blame upon this crisis has been directed to the publishing industry fraternity. It has promoted this mayhem through introduction of new editions that are basically not necessary.

It has also packaged books with study materials that are too expensive and not required by all students. In the past five years, the wholesale cost of books has risen by approximately forty percent.

A Smarter Approach to College Textbooks

It has been revealed in several states that professors assign prices to books without minding the cost students will have to bear. They are therefore believed to use this mechanism to reduce their workload and also lower enrollment in higher learning institutions. The pain that has hard hit the student fraternity is fast driven by the worldwide spiraling inflectional trends. The academic world is nowadays facing limited financial aid opportunities and at the same time, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed.

The high cost of these books has been triggered by publishing industry in several ways. First, it has added several features which are either technological or instructional and hence increasing the cost of textbooks. The rate of producing new editions has increased when compared to the edition cycles of ten and twenty years ago. The new editions have been observed to be mere minimum alterations of the old editions. The price increase is therefore not justified to add value to the educational standards, but a money making strategy.

Cost of college textbooks essay format

Publishing companies have in a way monopolized the market by customizing designs for manufacturing, thus making price adjustments any times of their wish. This challenge has opened the eyes of students to develop measures that can aid in dealing with the problem.

High Price of Textbooks Essay Sample

Alternatively, students have tried to make purchases from internet, share texts, use of books already in reserves, introduced and enhanced reliance on interlibrary loans and generally ignoring expensive books to keep them off the market. Students believe that avoiding expensive books will drive down their demand and in turn lower their market share globally.

After facing this situation, publishers of the texts will be forced by circumstances to lower down the prices of the concerned books. The content of the books will also be adjusted to match the respective prices.

Textbook market is as complex as journals publishing where stakeholders are dependent and do not trust one another. College bookstores have placed the whole blame on world publishers who also retaliate by blaming the bookstores for adjusting the original prices of the books, laying a heavy burden to students.

Used books have been introduced into the market for students to cut down their expenditure Britton, , However, these books are not the best because they provide old knowledge that may not be applicable in the present life. These books may also require modifications to fit into to dates living standards. As academicians, it has been observed necessary to provide or use academic materials that are well acquainted with the current and appropriate technology. Online book marketing has received a boom between and , with growth rate expansion of thirty three percent.

Used books market is facing challenge based on time, technology and globalization changes. A frequent replacement and production of textbooks is heavily driven by fresh developments in education sectors that are employing new versions. As a result, libraries in many colleges have the tendency of discouraging use of old books.

This behavior limits the availability of such books and deepens the scarcity problem to students, forcing them to buy the expensive materials. A large proportion of students is renting or sharing text books as a move to reduce their expenditure in reading materials.

Institutions have also responded to the crisis by introducing textbook rental programs in which libraries rent books on term basis for students. Several colleges in resource deficiency countries have responded to the outcry of their students and supported alternative programs, which still maintain the quality of education.

Learning centers have also turned to digital alternatives.

Cost of College Essay

The costs involved in editing and printing of textbooks increase their costs at a great margin, an indication that online textbooks are comparatively cheaper to sell. If production costs are lowered, it implies that the selling price definitely reduces. Some publishers have developed sites in which students can purchase parts of books on electronic versions. The e-book option has been tested in several countries and institutions, showing a better treatment to students in terms of financial considerations.

Cost of college textbooks essay format

Colleges and universities which lag behind this technology should facilitate a system whereby students can download textbooks directly from their computers. This kind of technology has relieved the costs by a margin of thirty three percent compared to hardcover books Backman, , To discourage mass piracy, restrictions on printing and viewing should be installed in the sites by the different institutions.

Electronic books are easily shared. The revenue that used to be received from reuse and fresh purchase of hard cover texts has significantly reduced in many learning institutions of the world. Due to technological advancements and commitments, students and readers are no longer interested in reading huge number of pages. There is also decreased need to print out piles and piles of papers because this is too expensive. In the developed world, electronic textbook market is receiving challenges because universities are developing more advanced alternatives that are saving the students financial state.

Universities are availing course materials free of charge online for students to access. The costs which the students undergo are only obtaining internet connection. After this is accomplished, learning materials are freely provided on the specified sites. The same sites expose software that facilitates graphics and interactive systems to help students grasp concepts. By recommending, the world should develop this type of technology to save scholars from the financial trauma in the course of their studies Davidson, , High School English textbooks: London; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, , pp.

Cost of college textbooks essay

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