However long the night the dawn will break essay

However Long The Night The Dawn Will Break Essay

However long the night the dawn will break essay

However long the night, the dawn will break added 12 new photos to the album: Perseverance. However long the night, the dawn will break. More African Proverbs: You can only know the fleas in the bed you have slept in. African If a man makes soup of his tears, ask him not for broth. African Let a wrong-doing repeat itself at least three times: the first may be an accident, the second a mistake, but the third is likely to be intentional. However long the night, the dawn will break. Author: African Proverb. Related Products Contribute Resources Add your poems, quotes, or title ideas to share with other members. Add A Resource Newsletter Exclusive coupons, project ideas & free classes. More Info. Store Specials New Products; Deals & Coupons;. However long the night, the dawn will break. December 21, · "I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that."-Gillian Anderson. See All. However Long the Night, the Dawn Will Break: Forthcoming Books for by Authors of African Descent A literary list for novels, short stories, and poetry scheduled for US publication in for those that seek to read stories from the black point of view.

This page is about gwern. More than this - what only I knew. Deprived of this possibility, I decided to write about them.

However long the night the dawn will break essay

I believe that someone who has been well-educated will think of something worth writing at least once a week; to a surprising extent, this has been true.

Special knowledge can be a terrible disadvantage if it leads you too far along a path you cannot explain anymore. What and how do you write a personal site with the long-term in mind?

It is a common-place in science fiction 6 that longevity would cause widespread risk aversion. But on the other hand, it could do the opposite: Someone with a timespan of 70 years has reason to protect against black swans - but also time to look for them.

What could you do if you started now? Few things have happened to me, and I have read a great many. A man sets himself the task of portraying the world. Through the years he peoples a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, instruments, stars, horses, and people. Shortly before his death, he discovers that that patient labyrinth of lines traces the image of his face. A place where anything written is soon destroyed by rapacious competition and the only preservation is to forever copy writing from sheet to sheet faster than they can burn.

For most information published on the Internet, perhaps that is not a moment too soon, but how can the muse of originality soar when immolating transience brushes every feather?

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Preserving the content is another challenge. Keeping the content in a DVCS like git protects against file corruption and makes it easier to mirror the content; regular backups 16 help. I have taken additional measures: For details, read Archiving URLs.

Long Content What has been done, thought, written, or spoken is not culture; culture is only that fraction which is remembered.

What does this proverb mean? “However long the night, the dawn will break.”?

But I have read blogs for many years and most blog posts are the triumph of the hare over the tortoise. They are meant to be read by a few people on a weekday in and never again, and are quickly abandoned - and perhaps as Assange says, not a moment too soon. On the other hand, the best blogs always seem to be building something: So I did not wish to write a blog.

More than just evergreen content , what would constitute Long Content as opposed to the existing culture of Short Content? How does one live in a Long Now sort of way? Conscientiousness is often lacking online or in volunteer communities 22 and many useful things go undone.

Knowing your site will survive for decades to come gives you the mental wherewithal to tackle long-term tasks like gathering information for years, and such persistence can be useful 23 - if one holds onto every glimmer of genius for years, then even the dullest person may look a bit like a genius himself Even experienced professionals can only write at their peak for a few hours a day - usually first thing in the morning , it seems.

So this suggests a solution: Merely have perpetual drafts, which one tweaks from time to time. And the rest takes care of itself. I have a few examples of this: When I read in Wired in that the obscure working memory exercise called dual n-back DNB had been found to increase IQ substantially, I was shocked. Unfortunately, DNB requires a major time investment as in, half an hour daily ; which would be a bargain - if it delivers.

However long the night the dawn will break essay

So, to do DNB or not? Questions of great import like this are worth studying carefully. The wheels of academia grind exceeding slow, and only a fool expects unanimous answers from fields like psychology.

Any attempt to answer the question is DNB worthwhile? Neon Genesis Evangelion notes and essay draft: I have been discussing NGE since The task of interpreting Eva is very difficult; the source works themselves are a major time-sink 28 , and there are thousands of primary, secondary, and tertiary works to consider - personal essays, interviews, reviews, etc.

The net effect is that many Eva fans know certain things about Eva, such as End of Evangelion not being a grand screw you statement by Hideaki Anno or that the TV series was censored, but they no longer have proof. Because each fan remembers a different subset, they have irreconcilable interpretations.

To compile claims from all those works, to dig up forgotten references, to scroll through microfilms, buy issues of defunct magazines - all this is enough work to shatter the heart of the stoutest salaryman. Which is why I began years ago and expect not to finish for years to come. Finishing by seems like a good prediction. Years ago I was reading the papers of the economist Robin Hanson.

I recommend his work highly; even if they are wrong, they are imaginative and some of the finest speculative fiction I have read. Except they were non-fiction.


One night I had a dream in which I saw in a flash a medieval city run in part on Hansonian grounds; a steampunk version of his futarchy. I wrote several drafts but always lost them.

Sad 29 and discouraged, I abandoned it for years. This fear leads straight into the next example. A Book reading list: I simply went to the school library shelf where I left off and grabbed the next book. But then I began reading harder books, and they would cite other books, and sometimes would even have horrifying lists of hundreds of other books I ought to read bibliographies.

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I tried remembering the most important ones but quickly forgot. So I began keeping a book list on paper. I thought I would throw it away in a few months when I read them all, but somehow it kept growing and growing. With it, I can track how my interests evolved over time 31 , and what I was reading at the time.

Aleister Crowley

I sometimes wonder if I will read them all even by So far the pages will persist through time, and they will gradually improve over time. But a truly Long Now approach would be to make them be improved by time - make them more valuable the more time passes. Stewart Brand remarks in The Clock of the Long Now that a group of monks carved thousands of scriptures into stone, hoping to preserve them for posterity - but posterity would value far more a carefully preserved collection of monk feces, which would tell us countless valuable things about important phenomenon like global warming.

One idea I am exploring is adding long-term predictions like the ones I make on PredictionBook. Many 32 pages explicitly or implicitly make predictions about the future. As time passes, predictions would be validated or falsified, providing feedback on the ideas.