Existentialism in the stranger essays

Existentialism In The Stranger Essays

Existentialism in the stranger essays

Essay about The Character of Meursault in The Stranger (The Outsider) - The Character of Meursault in The Stranger Albert Camus wrote The Stranger during the Existentialist movement, which explains why the main character in the novel, Meursault, is characterized as detached and emotionless, two of the aspects of existentialism. Existentialism in The Stranger (The Outsider) - Existentialism in The Stranger Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes a few main points, such as the freedom to choose and the choices you make should be made without the assistance of another person or standard. Essay The Stranger By Albert Camus. meaningless and nothing matters, not skydiving off the Eiffel tower, not murdering a man, and not writing essays; that is, according to existentialism and absurdism, a branch of existentialism. The Stranger: Existentialism essays Throughout much of The Stranger, Camus uses Sartre's philosophy of existentialism to show how all choices in life will eventually end up with the same outcome, being death. Meursault could care less about his life as it was shown through the choices he made d. The Stranger is written by Albert Camus, who was a legendary twentieth century French novelist. Camus believed in existentialism, which is the idea that there is no higher meaning to the universe or even man's existence. Many believe that Camus's novel The Stranger is an example of a man who is an existential. Meursault is the narrator in the.

Both of these events are usually different in the types of emotions they reveal, but Meursault shows no emotion at all.

Existentialism in Camus’ “The Stranger” Essay

He just goes through the day to day motions of life. Through his narration and the tone of the novel the reader is clearly able to determine Meursault lives with no emotion or essence. He accepts who he is and his mortality. In the end he accepts a punishment that is not worthy of the crime.

Clearly The Stranger questions the reader whether humans really have a meaning for life since in the end everyone will die and be forgotten. It seems that Camus meant to get the point across that in life there is no predetermined nature people create it through their choices. Meursault chooses to live his life with little or no meaning. Gregor supports his family because his father failed and never went back to work. Gregor had it all good job, money, and ability.

He chose to support his family and allow them to live a nice life while he worked and traveled with little time for himself.

Existentialism in the Stranger and the Metamorphosis Essay

When he changes into a bug his mentality is altered. He begins to realize that all that he did for his family eventually is forgotten and soon he is forgotten about too. Kafka relates this to the human race and its inevitable end. When humans die in the beginning they are remembered, but slowly people forget, or lose interest, until eventually that person is totally forgotten about and life goes on.

This previous statement is clearly seen in the novel when the family moves and decides that is time to marry off their daughter. They never mention anything about the loss of their son.

Existentialism in the stranger essays

In Blade Runner the main character Deckard destroys replicants. He does his job and usually never questions the reasons why he destroys the human-like robots.

The director seems to try to get across the point early that Deckard lives a meaningless life. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants. At first it seems like he lives a life much like Meursault, but later it becomes clear that he is trying to find a meaning for life. When talking to Roy, Deckard realizes that in life everyone is going to die and that everything that person did would be forgotten and lost.

At the same time Roy explains the value of life, the choices, love, and things humans can experience. Each one of the main characters makes their choices which determine their nature. Every one of the characters at some point realizes that they all share a common trait with the rest of the human race and that is death. They also know that in the end they will be forgotten about and eventually everyone will move on with their lives as if they never existed.

These works differ in the way each character goes about their lives.

Existentialism in the stranger essays

Meursault believes there is no meaning to life so he lives his life on the fly. He does whatever pleases him.

Gregor begins with a life he has chosen for himself only to realize that eventually all that he has done will be forgotten and lost. Finally Deckard begins with no meaning and tries to determine a meaning through replicants.

Existentialism in the stranger essays

He realizes that the choices in his life are what makes his life meaningful. Throughout these works Existentialism was present. The characters offered a glimpse of the reason for existence. Whether it was for providing for a family or killing replicants each one of the character in the end determined that life was only the choices that they make.

Ultimately they all learned that everything they did and chose to do was meaningless when they were dead and there is no way to avoid it. How to cite this page Choose cite format: