Laws of life essays topics for grade

Laws Of Life Essays Topics For Grade

Laws of life essays topics for grade

LAWS OF LIFE SPEECH TOPICS. ESSAY/SPEECH TOPICS. Elementary School Prompts. The Laws of Life are the character traits that are always with us helping us make good choices. Respect is one of the Laws of is said that respect is the cornerstone of all the Laws of Life, and that respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired – it can only be earned. In conclusion, the laws of life can be summed up into this simple rule: Do what you know is right! Those six words could guide individuals and countries into making our world a 3/5(3). The laws of life have endured since the beginning of time and will continue to guide society in the future. Whether our society goes through revolution, civil war, destruction, or death; the laws of life will stand above all other laws insuring the civilized continuance of mankind. For more information about Laws of Life, call Nina Ribinski at or e-mail [email protected] Live and learn. By the rules. Those are themes of the Laws of Life essay contest, and this past week the winners of the 13th annual youth competition were named at a banquet at the Elks Lodge in East Naples. Laws of Life I believe the laws of life are different for everyone. Its how a person was raised and treated that determines there laws of life. They are different and unique for everyone and are reflected on how they have lived their life 2 / Argument About The Exist Of God The following paper will provide a sound argument in favor of the existence of God.

Naples High School Teacher: Vincente Delgado I came into this world on Oct. I arrived with a full head of black hair that made the doctor wonder which one of the Beatles I might be.

The nurses said I was perfect; five fingers on each hand, two feet, and a healthy heart beating with excitement. My parents asked the doctor if I had all 12 of the virtues that made up the Laws of Life.

The doctor told them they were within me and as my life went on I will have to develop them through the teachings and examples of others and by my own trial and error.

Little did I know that in my short 15 years of life the one person who'd teach me the most about courage and perseverance was right under my nose, my father.

Laws of Life

My dad was born in Cuba in into an impoverished family, one of 18 children. Childhood ended for him at such a young age it almost seemed he was born an adult.

Laws of life essays topics for grade

He acquired his first job at age 8 in order to help support his family and was forced to quit school at He began smoking at age 10, but in Cuba at that time not a second glance was given to a young boy with a cigarette. Throughout the hard times he never complained, only persevered and was finally able to come to the U.

He had an American family sponsor him and give him a job taking care of their property. At the same time, he found work at an airport and as a butcher. He worked without complaining no matter how exhausted he was. Eventually he was able to learn and save enough to get his occupational license? My parents married in , and my mom asked him if he had the courage to quit smoking.

He tried on and off with no success, but when I entered their world he had the courage to do so. I saw my father work hard day in and day out.

Laws of Life: Student essay-contest winners share their rules to live by

He desperately wanted me to have the childhood that he couldn't. He wanted me to go outside and play with other children, to have fun at the movies or mall and, most importantly, have a love of school. My dad became a citizen when I was 3. He had to study for years, but his perseverance paid off. When they gave him his certificate it was as if it were made of pure gold.

He couldn't wait to vote.

Laws of life essays topics for grade

When I was going into the sixth grade my dad was diagnosed with advanced emphysema. I watched him struggle to breathe.

In January he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and given only three months to live. My mother drove him to his clients' homes.

He had the courage and kindness to thank them? My father lost his courageous battle on April 1, I miss him every day, and I thank him for teaching me through his life and death how to have courage. His courage may not have changed the world but it changed mine, and I believe for me to persevere is all that mattered in his eyes.

Laws of life essays topics for grade