No regrets in life essay

No Regrets In Life Essay

No regrets in life essay

We all do things in life that we regret. We also do things in life that make us proud of the people that we are. Still, there are things in life that we hope to someday be able to do. Your Life or No Life Essay Your life or No Life The topic of abortion has fluttered through the hearts of Americans as it has created a 2-sided coin that has American divided into two. But Juno, a movie released in December , has created a gray area for Americans. Life And Being Alive: The Journey Of A Beautiful Flower Essay - Imagine living a life without any adventure or adversity; a life with no struggle a life with no challenges. It wouldn’t be much of a life at all or even a life worth living. This ending was really just a new beginning and I didn’t need to regret one single part of it. This is how I want to live for the rest of my life; free of regret and sadness for the past. And I’ll say to anyone who’ll listen, “I believe you should live your life so that at the end of it you will have no regrets.” Nancy Yucius is a retired special education teacher living in Avon, Massachusetts.

Frequently asked questions about the This I Believe project, educational opportunities and more Murrow's radio series of the s. It's perfect for personal or classroom use! Click here to learn more. Sponsor This Essay I have learned that you should live your life with no regret.

Live Your Life So That You Will Have No Regrets

To live your life with no regret means that your living life with the glass half full not empty. You only get to live life once therefore you should live it as well as you can. The thought of having to move to St. Louis made my heart pound. Every time I thought about having to move tears would start welling up in my eyes. The day I found out I was defiantly going to be moving to St.

Louis all I could think about was how I was going to miss Virginia and how I was never going to see all of my friends again. The thought of having to start my life all over again, make new friends, and start going to a new school made me sick to my stomach. How I could live in St.

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Louis because it would make me miserable. All of could do was put a smile on my face and try my best to make things work. A few years ago my grandpa died.

The day he died felt like the end of the world. Epically since I was just getting to know him better and become closer to him.

No regrets in life essay

When he died all I could feel inside me was sorrow. I was regretting for not getting to know him better and for not spending more time with him. It had only been a couple months back since I had last seen him.

He was getting older but still perfectly healthy. I think that everything happens to you for a reason.

No regrets in life essay

The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person. Life is so precious. Life can change in a blink of an eye.

No regrets in life essay

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Living A Life With No Regrets Speech Essay Sample

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