Were the founding fathers democratic reformers essay definition

Were The Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers Essay Definition

Were the founding fathers democratic reformers essay definition

Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers? Essay. Carly Ishee Dr. Anderson US History 26 October Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers? In Issue Seven in the book Taking Sides, John P. Roche and Howard Zinn provide their views about whether or not the founding Fathers were democratic reformers. First off, many of the founding fathers were wealthy, came from good families and were well educated. Howard Zinn states that the founding fathers based the Constitution off of their own personal experiences without considering the past experiences of the average citizen. Below is an essay on "Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Founding Fathers of the United States of America were males who fought to achieve one common goal, liberty for Americans/5(1). Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers? Essay Sample. NO, a historian name Charles Beard draws another view of the Founding Fathers. He states that, “the rich must in their own interest, either control the government directly or control the laws by which government operates.”. Dec 29,  · The founding generation were democratic reformers in many ways, and were really seen as radical during their time. They did receive a lot of their ideas of .

It seems that the packet was trying more to divide us on the issue of whether the Founding Fathers were morally correct in their actions rather than if they were actual democratic reformers. There is the opinion of John P. Roche, who insists that they were democratic reformers and also "superb politicians" who operated with "great skill" a positive description by far ; then there is Howard Zinn, championing the argument that not only were they not democratic reformers, but were also politicians whose moral compasses were distracted entirely by economic greed.

Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers? Essay Sample

It seems that the answer to this prompt isn't entirely one or the other. The Founding Fathers were democratic reformers, albeit not necessarily moral ones.

No democracy in the history of the world has ever included everyone in its processes. Historians say that the first democracy can be found in Athens, but only adult male citizens had the right to vote.

Why, then, does Zinn present the invisibility of women and non-white peoples in the political sphere as an argument against the Founding Fathers being democratic reformers? Our twenty-first century standards criticize the exclusion of these peoples as a tremendous moral lapse, but this clearly is not enough to decide whether a society is a democracy or not.

Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers? Essay

Moreover, the Founding Fathers constructed the Constitution with the public in mind, regardless of their political or economic motives. The Constitution would ultimately be left up to the public read: If they constructed a document that blatantly favored their own interests, it could easily be turned down by the voters.

This scenario was alive and well to the Founding Fathers. And — to an extent — they did.

Were the founding fathers democratic reformers essay definition

The Founding Fathers were rich men who quite obviously favored the wealthy elite; they were not a collection of altruistic saints, and any description trying to paint them as such is an outright lie.

But just because the Founding Fathers were biased toward their own interests does not mean that they did not fashion the United States into a democracy.

The Constitution itself was accepted by a democratic process, and within the Constitution compromises were reached by delegates from different states with different needs. One interesting argument could be that because the some delegates were not directly elected by the people, the entire Constitutional Convention was undemocratic.

Were the founding fathers democratic reformers essay definition

Another point in defense of the Founding Fathers as democratic reformers can be found in the American Pageant textbook. The text deems an opinion such as the Founding Fathers molding the Constitution for their own financial prosperity as "a grotesque distortion.